Thanks to those who participated in the ICO.

We are going to continue the project and we'll launch a second phase of our ICO in January 2018.
In the second phase we will focus on betting forecasts with RoBet product.
After the hard work for the ICO the robot and its team are on Christmas holidays from Dec 25 until Jan 8, 2018.
News and forecasts will be available for free until the beginning of the 2nd phase.

RoBET: crypto sports
betting and exchange

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Phase 3 ongoing.

Ready.Set.Bet - RoBET at a glance


Let’s RAC it

RoBET is a smart-contract decentralized, block-chain based ecosystem for sports betting. Our competitive edge: Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence we’ll help customers to handle risk management, odd evaluation and odd comparison.


Become a bookie

Do you have great betting skills and know-how? So sign up and create your sportsbook. Once you have defined your odds or used AI forecasts to adjust risks and odds, you can accept bets from other users and earn your prefered crypto coins.


Crypto sports bets

We aim to develop a cutting-edge platform, where all functions necessary to manage a digital betting experience are enabled and supported throughout cryptos. The transparency and security of the wallet are granted thanks to the use of blockchain. Become a RAC token holder and create your wallet.


Get the coin running

RoBET offers more than common odds. Thanks to a broad range of services, players can also participate in original skill games related to sports events and demonstrate their abilities. And here's the kicker: 20% profit sharing. Each quarter of the year, RAC token holders receive 20% of our profit.

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Milestone 1 (June, 2018)

Sports Betting Services

RoBET ICO stage 1 has successfully ended. With 4524 ETHs raised, we reached our Soft cap. Our team is working hard on the development of the final betting environment. The holder of RAC token will have the possibility to use our betting plaform living an original gaming experience in the context of crypto currencies. Use the robot's forecast to bet at the same time on 2 events: a soccer match and the crypto currency volatility.

Milestone 2 (December 2018)

Users sportsbook

In a second stage, we'll enable users to create a personal or a shared sportsbook. Each sportsbook will accept bets from players in exchange for cryptocurrencies. The platform will be the first system able to accept RAC Tokens to enable a user to become a bookmaker and accept bets from other users in crypto currencies. Moreover, we are going to improve our existing infrastructure, which already provides accurate and timely forecasts and  personalized news, providing also services in the field of gambling. Our wirde range of services will offer: sports predictions customized statistics, custom sport advices, and machine learning ticket evaluation as well as Beat the Bot services.
Let's bring betting together on a new level, contribute now!


Milestone 3 (Late 2019)

Skill games services

In the third phase, we aim to launch innovative sports skill games such as Sports Roulette and Last Minute Bingo in order to extend our betting services. Moreover, we would like to cover also other sports. Due to the large huge Ethereum community and an extremely good business environment for companies, we plan to move our operations to the Middle East.

Token allocation

RAC tokens are the access key to all our services.
RAC token will be listed on one or more crypto-exchanges after the token sale. As outlined in our whitepaper, the total amount of tokens supplied is limited. Since we aim to improve our products continuously and the number of interested users is already increasing, do not lose your chance to become a RAC token holder. At the end of this ICO unsold tokens will be burned.


a platform plenty of opportunities

RoboAdvisorCoin is a complex platform based on deep-learning neural networks and other modern machine learning models that elaborate several predictions. The system is designed to increase the accuracy of its predictions. Currently we are working on the following robo-products.

Financial robo-advisor

Since 2015, our robo-advisor, equipped with an AI based engine for asset allocation, carries out ranging analysis of about 200,000 securities or different funds and all global exchanges. Answering a few simple questions is enough to receive a real-time response on the most optimal portfolio diversification.

RoBET: betting and cryptocurrency exchange

The worldwide first sports betting and cryptocurrency exchange, which enables users to experience a truly original gaming experience in the context of cryptocurrencies, enhancing at the same time the user’s specific competences in the field of sports betting. RoBET represents also a cryptocurrency wallet which enables users both to manage online bettings an to exchange currencies throughout a bet.

RAC: crypto robo-advisor

The platform will allow users to collect, elaborate, navigate and utilize big data related to cryptocurrencies and tokens. This product has been financed in the first stage of the ICO in late 2017, and will be available for all customers in the mid 2018. Follow our daily demo services for free until the release of the new platform: cryptocurrencies news and forecasts.

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