25 Jun 2018

Join RoBET Airdrop

Token hunters here's your chance- Free RAC tokens are waiting for you

With our ICO about to finish in a few days (ICO running until June 30th), we decided to thank our followers for supporting us during these months.

Here is your thank-you gift

What could be a better way to pay you back for your support than offering you some free tokens? That's why we decided to launch an Airdrop. Here's your chance to get free RAC tokens! With our ICO about to finish, we decided to conduct an airdrop on Wednesday, June 27th.

When? Where? Who? How?

Register on our website on Wednesday 27th, 2018. People signing up during the time frame 9 am-11 am (CET) or 9 pm-11 pm (CET) will receive 1 RAC token (250 RAC tokens available during each phase). Please note: people registering more than once will be disqualified. Successful registrations and confirmed transactions can be tracked on our airdrop spreadsheet. You need more information? Follow us on Twitter and Telegram to be informed about the details.